SocioHabitat International: an affordable housing solution 

SocioHabitat International specializes in distributing efficient, affordable and sustainable steel homes, for the needs of populations, businesses and public institutions in developing countries. Whether for a housing development, humanitarian aid through emergency housing, schools, clinics, hospitals, campus housing or housing for workers, SocioHabitat International homes can be assembled in approximately two days (two persons) and represent an innovative, turnkey and robust housing solution.

SocioHabitat International offers you a sustainable housing concept that combines new technologies with a unique steel building system that facilitates the implementation of exterior insulation solutions while allowing for very favorable energy savings. With their light weight, our homes also allow for low thermal inertia, a specification that ensures the stability and reliability of the structure under various weather conditions.


SocioHabitat International’s sustainable homes have many advantages:


  • Possibility of two-storey house
  • Steel is synonymous with durability and consistent performance in the long term
  • Steel has exceptional energy absorption properties 
  • Light, solid and weatherproof
  • Maintenance free, available at a low cost
  • Participation of local labour to assemble houses on site makes it possible to create significant economic activity while promoting a transfer of knowledge to local entrepreneurs.

SocioHabitat International has developed its product line based on sustainable development principles. More than a roof, SocioHabitat International’s sustainable homes empower people by creating exceptional living spaces that enhance their quality of life. Finally, in collaboration with partners, several other complementary assets, like a water filtration system, solar panels to provide electricity, roofing, siding, etc. can be offered, depending on each project.


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